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Prof Robert Thomas


Consultant Oncologist at Addenbrooke’s and Bedford Hospitals, a visiting Professor at Cranfield University and a clinical teacher at Cambridge University.

Professor Robert Thomas is a full time NHS Consultant Oncologist at Bedford and Addenbrooke’s Hospitals, a teacher at Cambridge University and a visiting Professor of Sports and Nutritional science at the University of Bedfordshire. He manages patients with chemotherapy, radiotherapy, hormones and biological targeted treatments but incorporates nutritional and lifestyle strategies to enhance their effect, reduce side effects and improve outcomes.

He is also head of a Lifestyle and Cancer Research Unit which designs and conducts government approved scientific studies evaluating the impact of exercise, diet and natural therapies on cancer and other chronic diseases. The scientific papers resulting from this research, conducted in collaboration with Universities in Southern California, Cambridge and Glasgow, can be reviewed online.

He previously led the UK Polybalm and Pomi-T randomised studies and currently leads the UK’s covid-19 nutrional intervention study (The Phyto-V study) assesing whether prebiotic polyphenol rich foods plus the yourgut+ probiotic could lower the severity and duration of symptoms.

He is author of the UK bestseller “How to Live” and has been awarded The British Oncology Association “Oncologist of the Year” and The Royal College of Radiologist Research Medal.

Dr Robert Thomas is speaking at 09:05.
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