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Hifas da Terra

Founded in 1998, Hifas da Terra (HdT) is a Spanish Multinational biotechnology company focused on research and innovation specialising in the development of nutraceuticals from certified organic medicinal mushrooms. HdT has offices in several European countries, including Spain (head office), UK, France, Italy and Germany amongst others.

HdT not only pioneers in the development of Mycotherapy (the healing power of medicinal mushrooms), but also has been awarded 13 distinctions for innovation. HdT expertise is based on more than 20 years of experience in researching and studying the clinical applications of medicinal mushrooms. HdT uses biotechnology, innovation and ecology to develop its products and improve health and well-being worldwide.

Hifas da Terra is committed to Research & Development (R&D), and allocates 62% of its profits to R&D (currently more than 15 active human studies), including clinical trials, mainly in gastroenterology, oncology, immunology, musculoskeletal system, mental-emotional health and women’s health.

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