Speaker Profile

Prof Anna Campbell

Professor in Clinical Exercise Science at Edinburgh Napier University and Director of CanRehab and chair of the charity CanRehab Trust, UK.

Her first degree is in Immunology and she has a PhD in Biochemistry. She worked in the biotechnology area at Scripps Clinic in California, Life Technologies in Glasgow, GenPharm in Holland and PPL in Scotland for over 12 years. For the past 20 years she has worked in the field of exercise oncology and has been instrumental in the implementation of evidence-based exercise programmes for people affected by cancer across UK.

She is principal investigator / co-investigator on Macmillan, NIHR, CSO and Breast Cancer Now funded research grants and has published over 50 peer reviewed research papers and three educational book chapters on the subject of cancer and exercise.
As key advisor to Macmillan Cancer Care, she worked on the development of the MoveMore programmes in Scotland and the evaluation of the UK wide MoveMore programmes.

Professor Campbell is Director of CanRehab (www.canrehab.co.uk) – an international provider of training on exercise-based cancer rehabilitation for health professionals and fitness specialists. She is also chair of the charity CanRehab Trust www.canrehabtrust.org which matches people affected by cancer with cancer exercise qualified instructors and provides remote and face to face exercise programmes.

Anna is part of a small international working group of exercise experts “Moving Through Cancer” responsible for updating the evidence-based exercise prescription guidelines and the guidelines for the provision of clinical and community-based exercise programmes for cancer patients and survivors. The findings were published in three papers in November 2019. Finally Professor Campbell is part of the WHO Cancer Rehabilitation 2030 working group.